You Gotta Live, Love and Laugh While you can

The life you’re living is meant to extraordinary. You gotta live, love and laugh while you can. It’s time to stop putting off the things that really make you happy. I know you can tell me at least one thing you have always wanted to do or try and you never got around to it. … [Read more…]

Making a Native American Flute with The Soul Fan

Making a Native American Flute

Life is always changing Due to some recent changes in my world, I have been away from my blogs for a few weeks. One of the things I love to share with my readers is my passion for meditation. Flute music has come to be one of my favorite things to listen to┬áduring meditation. Recently, … [Read more…]

Take Small Steps to Positive Change

Take Small Steps to Positive Change

It can be a real challenge to create lasting positive change in your life. No matter how much we want it, it always seems easier to go back to what we know. There are plenty of examples of this in my life, up and down weight and health comes to mind. In my opinion, the … [Read more…]

What Makes You Happy with Life? Do You Know who You Really Are?

what makes you happy with life

Just yesterday I had the pleasure to observe a couple of coworkers in a rather intense discussion and it got me thinking. There are so many people out there struggling with the day to day pressures of life. My recent experiences have shown me that I don’t have to place so much importance on the … [Read more…]

11 Easy Meditation Techniques for Beginners to Try


Just as everyone does, I have had challenges in my life, the biggest of which might sound a little crazy. My biggest challenge has been really getting in touch with who I am. Meditation has been the single most impactful change I have made as a means toward this end. It was a challenge in … [Read more…]

Connect with Nature and Feed Your Soul

Nature Feeds your Soul

Are you connected with nature? Do you pay attention to what is going on around you? Mother nature, like most mothers, can be very nurturing. Feed your soul by staying connected to nature. Many of the teachers and authors I get guidance from,┬árecommend outdoor meditation whenever possible. I often take a quick walk in the … [Read more…]

5 Focus Points to Help You Recognize Your Full Potential

recognize your potential

The human potential is truly amazing, the limits of which we do not know. Recognizing your true potential can be a challenge while submerged in your day to day life. In this article, I will reveal what I believe to be very powerful focus points that can help you recognize your full potential. One of … [Read more…]