Can this happen to me?

Ask Yourself – Could this Happen to me? – Upgrade your Life

Could this happen to me? Well, it would help if I tell you what it is I am referring to, right? This entire blog is about the changes in my life since I began to try to figure out how to be truly happy.

All I really did was begin to focus on me, on what’s on the inside.

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As I got older I began to question things in my life, as many of us will often do. The thing is this questioning almost always has a negative spin when it is discussed in society in general. You have all heard about the mid-life crisis, haven’t you? I am here to tell you that you should happily embrace any crisis you feel coming.

The things you are feeling and the questions you are asking yourself actually come from the deepest part of you, and they don’t come by accident. Once you acknowledge that you have some questions or wonder what if, on a regular basis, you will begin to build a relationship with your soul.

Those conversations will be some of the most rewarding and fulfilling you will ever have.

I was at a rough place in my life when I began to research, happiness. This came as a result of me finally coming to the realization that no matter how much I cared others, on the inside, that isn’t what the world saw on the outside.

People I worked with did not like me and that was a surprise to me and me alone. My wife frequently reminded me of how much of a grump or grouch I was. Along the journey, I found out my children were afraid of me and that totally freak me out.

The clear message was that something was definitely wrong.

As I began to try to find information on happiness I started to realize just how bad my stress level was. The world slow downwe live in, which I usually refer to as the daily grind, has a way of robbing our happiness. The real problem is that we can go years and years not realizing it. After all, we are doing the things we have been conditioned to believe are the right things.

We work hard, we gather things around us, we give things to those we care for, we build status in our society, we climb the ladder. Now I am not saying you are bad I am saying that there is much more to us all.

Just about everything I came across in my search pointed me INSIDE.

I watched video after video, online. I read books and then more books. This is when my practice of meditation began, again. I had actually tried meditation several years earlier and I this point I sure wish I had stuck with it.

When I was trying to explore meditation and turn inward my outward mindset was coming with me. The thoughts of whether or not I was doing right or questioning why I didn’t see in my mind what the guide said I should see really distracted me.

Eventually, I began to let go of all the limitations we are taught to put on ourselves.

Since that time my practice has evolved quite a bit and I can easily reach a deep meditative state no matter what is going on around me. Recently, I took a short trip to Denver and on the flight, both there and back, I meditated for the entire time. It was the absolute best experience I have ever had on a plane. Usually, I would be moving back a forth, shifting my weight, trying to find a comfortable place for my feet

It was the absolute best experience I have ever had on a plane. Usually, I would be moving back a forth, shifting my weight, trying to find a comfortable place for my feet.

Early in my journey, I would see other souls and wonder, “Could this happen to me?”

This could easily be a 5000-word post if I tried to explain everything that has happened to me since beginning this journey. I will try to sum things up relatively quickly here in for you. If you are interested in exploring my journey a little more, stick around or bookmark my site. There are posts about much of my journey, that is the true intent of this blog.

  • My stress level is definitely lower than it has been in many years, probably since I was a young child.
  • The ease with which I can express feelings of love, compassion, gratitude and even frustration and anger, is amazing.
  • The changes in my physical body have gotten me to a place where I am healthier than I have been in years. I didn’t set out to go on a diet, something inside of me just guided me to take better care of myself.
  • My need for medication to control certain conditions has greatly diminished.
  • I have lost about 40 pounds total and am keeping it off rather easily.
  • My strength and fitness are much improved. I now enjoy a regular practice of yoga and Tai Chi.
  • The creativity that has long been a part of me is growing and flourishing once again.
  • I made a discovering along the way that the happiness I was seeking was right inside me all along.

I could go on and on about the changes I have experienced on my journey but I won’t. You’re welcome… lol.

What I am trying to tell you is that everything you will ever need has been given to you already. Learn to look inside and discover what your soul already knows. Answer the question for yourself, “Could this happen to me?”

Much of what I list above could easily be a list of goals, things you set out to accomplish. In many cases, that would bring stress and pressure to your situation. The evolution I have experienced was not because set out to find a diet or researched ways to control blood sugar without meds.

I had done all those things before. What happened to me and what can happen to you, is that my soul was finally given the opportunity to lead. If there is one thing you take away from this let it be that. Let your soul lead.