How to Find Free Online Meditation Music

In developing a meditation practice most people will form a bit of a routine. I am not so strict on myself as to have a set schedule. The mornings are a time when I can usually be alone for a little while, sometimes it’s a walk in nature, other times some Tai Chi. In the evenings I try to meditate just before going to sleep. My home is full of people most of the time and there is no dedicated space for meditation. With as busy as my family is I had to figure out how to find free online meditation music.

I am committed to my meditation practice but I am also on a budget, so free works great for me. If you are here visiting  I am sure you know your way around the internet. Google is my favorite way to find things unless maybe I am looking for a physical product, then sometimes I go straight to Amazon.

Music helps block out distractions.

With everything going on around the house my meditation music helps me block out some of the distraction. A portable Bluetooth speaker and my iPhone and I am all set. All I need is a place to sit so I just try to find an empty room.

It may be the living room, the bedroom and believe it or not sometimes even the bathroom, before a shower. Occasionally, there is no empty room or the one I am in doesn’t stay empty for the duration of my sitting. In those cases, I will usually use my headphones.

Distractions during a sitting are really what you allow them to be.

As I have developed my ability to get into a meditative state and maintain focus, distractions bother me less and less. You’ve seen those movies, where the zen monk is meditating and doesn’t make a move, no matter what happens.

Well, I am no zen monk, but I have learned to go to a place of nothingness and what’s going on around me doesn’t really matter. All that said, I still love using music to help get me there. There are many sources for meditation music available at the click of a mouse.

One Amazing Musician I had the pleasure to meet.

Last year as I was trying to get this blog off the ground I began to use my Twitter account more regularly. Now this is an account I had way before Twitter was what it is today. Back then all you got from Twitter were links to peoples’ online business promotion.

I guess you can still find a fair share of that today but it certainly has changed quite a lot.

Herrin is an awesome guy, a talented musician, and beautiful soul. I am very happy to introduce you to him today. Herrin actually gave me his music for free but I had no problem with offering him a donation once I downloaded. Please don’t think I am trying to sell you one something, what you do with the introduction is up to you.

How to find free online meditation music.

What I do is use YouTube for my meditation music. There is enough there for you to listen for a couple months and not play the same video twice. A really cool thing about YouTube is that it knows what I like so I don’t even have to look, I simply open the app.

If I find something interesting I may subscribe to a channel and in doing so I usually connect with some great souls.

Of course, there are other sites out there that offer free music streams and there are easy to find. Here a couple of link for your convenience.

Free Meditation Resource

Radio Sri Chinmoy

Free Meditation Music

I hope you find this useful and would love to hear how you manage to create your space or find resources.

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