Gratitude is a Practice – What Are We Waiting For?

Gratitude is a Practice but it can be a challenging one.

In a conversation earlier today, I was telling my wife about how everything will take care of itself, we just need to be grateful for the things we have and not focused on the things don’t have. It is not so long ago that we would have been sitting together talking about how stressed we were about making the bills. Asking each other, why can’t we just get a break? or something similar.

I have grown in my awareness in the past year, I have been making gratitude a daily practice. I have seen great changes in my life by raising my consciousness level, beyond that victim stage. The funny thing is I haven’t really talked to my wife about it all that much.

Sometimes when your trying to make changes in your life the people closest to you don’t understand or they don’t trust the things they hear you saying because they knew the old you. Sometimes people are just so conditioned and have such limiting beliefs they try to stop you because they feel you need them to.

My wife and I had a different conversation today then we would have a year ago and when I did open up a little about the new way in which I try to see things, she was in total agreement. Wow, that was nice to discover because lots of the stuff I have been feeling so excited about I have been holding back.

Now, this very moment, I am filled with gratitude, gratitude for a simple yet open and honest conversation, for being connected to another soul that is such an important part of my life.

Daily Gratitude Practice is very powerful

I practice gratitude daily in my meditation, as well as focusings on forgiveness and compassion and love. For the gratitude practice I simply focus and hold my attention on things I am grateful for. It is usually a list of ten to fifteen things, that I give thanks for.
It is sometime easier to come up with a list if you think of it by different areas of your life. For instance, personal life, career and health.

It’s really never difficult to think of things to be grateful for if you just slow down enough to do it because you can focus on a feeling of gratitude for the simplest thing. It could be something really big, like a promotion and pay raise or it could be a warm cup of coffee.

The feeling grateful, is the important part, not what it is you are feeling grateful for. It’s not a competition or test, just relax into a state where you can let the feelings of gratitude permiate your being and then focus on sending those feelings out to others around you.

Keep in mind that in reality there will always be light and dark, good and bad, the things we typically veiw as opposites are actually one, but whether you focus on the light or the dark is up to you.

Augustine says in the Enchiridion,

All of nature, therefore, is good, since the Creator of all nature is supremely good. But nature is not supremely and immutably good as is the Creator of it. Thus the good in created things can be diminished and augmented. For good to be diminished is evil; still, however much it is diminished, something must remain of its original nature as long as it exists at all. For no matter what kind or however insignificant a thing may be, the good which is its “nature” cannot be destroyed without the thing itself being destroyed. There is good reason, therefore, to praise an uncorrupted thing, and if it were indeed an incorruptible thing which could not be destroyed, it would doubtless be all the more worthy of praise. When, however, a thing is corrupted, its corruption is an evil because it is, by just so much, a privation of the good. Where there is no privation of the good, there is no evil. Where there is evil, there is a corresponding diminution of the good. As long, then, as a thing is being corrupted, there is good in it of which it is being deprived; and in this process, if something of its being remains that cannot be further corrupted, this will then be an incorruptible entity natura incorruptibilis, and to this great good it will have come through the process of corruption.

Practice expressing gratitude more in your daily routine, say “Thanks” when maybe you wouldn’t have before. Smile at people you interact with. Tell someone how much you care about them. If you truly practice gratitude daily and express it to those around you, you will begin notice that you happiness increases along with it.

Once you begin to raise your level of happiness you will begin to understand that your happiness is completely up to you and that you never have to depend on anything outside yourself, to be happy. This, in turn, makes it easier to find things to be grateful for and ways to express that gratitude.

Have you heard about the power of positive thinking? Or that you can manifest abundance through thought?

I want you to know that those things are true, they are as true for you as they are for me or anyone else. Gratitude is a great place to start because being grateful will help raise you above the victim stage of consciousness. There is nothing wrong with a soul that is at this stage, it’s pretty much where we all start.

By taking the time to focus on the things you are grateful for and raising your happiness, you will begin to see changes in your life and the lives of the people around you. Those changes will inspire you to keep learning, seeking and becoming more aware.

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  1. I’ve been aware of the power of gratitude for some years but still have neglected to make it a daily practice. All that’s required is a small amount of effort to reap a sizeable reward, 3-4 weeks’ daily practice to make it a habit. Thanks for the timely reminder.

    1. Margaret,
      Thanks for stopping by and I am grateful for you leaving a comment. I think timely reminders come to us when we are in the right place in our lives. It’s when we get all out of alignment that the time is off so bad.

      I hope you will come back and visit I look forward to hearing your insights.


      PS I would love it if you check out my poem in the Beautiful Sunrise post.

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