Health & Wellness

 Health & Wellness

The Soul Fan came about as a result of me getting to know myself and realize many things that I really always had some yearning for. There is a lot of information here that comes from my real life experiences and my growth on this journey of life. It is really kind of crazy that in realizing that I am not my body I was driven to take better care of it. It realizing I am not my mind I was inspired to expand it. In becoming more aware of who I really am I am excite to live life to the fullest.

I have tried to create a place here at The Soul Fan where I can share my experinces and where I can truly help other souls on the journey we call life. I guess that should read “I am trying” not have tried because the journey continues each day and for many years to come.

I hope you find something here that touches your soul, warms your heart and helps you in some small way. Please drop me a line in the comment section and share your thoughts and/or questions. The bulk of the information here at The Soul Fan is in my blog posts which you can scroll through on the home page or find listed under each of the main menu topics.

This page appears in the main menu to help with navigation to posts on the site that pertain to this Health & Fitness aspect of The Soul Fan sharing. You should have access to the following posts through a drop down list below this page title in the main menu.

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6 Ways to a Saner Life!

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