what makes you happy with life

What Makes You Happy with Life? Do You Know who You Really Are?

Just yesterday I had the pleasure to observe a couple of coworkers in a rather intense discussion and it got me thinking. There are so many people out there struggling with the day to day pressures of life. My recent experiences have shown me that I don’t have to place so much importance on the things around. What makes you happy with life? Are you seeking validation from those you care about, from a boss? Are you measure yourself by what you have and what you can accomplish?

Knowing who you really are

If you read my personal story you are familiar with some of my struggles, we all have them. Mine are no more or i-believe-in-meless important than yours. My life got to a point, where I had to do something to change what I was doing. What I didn’t know at the time was just how much I had to do with what was manifesting around me.

When I see people struggling, I want to help them but I have to work on meeting them where they are. We often go through life seeking validation, feeling insecure, doubting ourselves. This manifests things in our lives that are contrary to what we really want.

There is a part of each of us that is the divine source of all things and it that part of us lies everything we will ever need. Getting to know that part of yourself will help you see that, “You are Enough”, just as you are. When you truly come to know that part of you, you can let go of fear, anxiety, and stress.

Your Happiness is up to you

Once you begin to make the connection to your authentic self and understand who you are, you will be able to acknowledge that your happiness is a choice. You do not have to rely on outside source for happiness. You have everything you need, right inside yourself.

Learn to look inside and get in touch with your soul, apart from your ego and your personality. We live in a tough world and sometimes we feel like it just us against the world. The daily grind can harden us, makes us feel defensive, make us greedy and make us feel guilty.

It’s no wonder, with all that going on. we can find time to be happy. Society and culture teach us that we have to do more, have more, make more and be more. That is exactly opposite of knowing who you really are and knowing you are enough.

Easy to follow tips to get you going

To many, the idea of a meditation practice can seem intimidating. Maybe it even seems contrary to your religious or spiritual beliefs and that is OK. There are others ways to say are do things that help you go inward. Call it self-reflection or prayer. But knowing that you already have what makes you happy with life is huge.

Whatever you call it start by making a few minutes at the beginning of each day for, “ME TIME”. If that goes well add a few minutes in the evening before bed.

Practice gratitude on a daily basis. You can incorporate this into the few minutes of “me time” daily but take Gratitude-is-Healthybeyond that and express gratitude to those around you. We all take things for granted or get in a hurry, just take an extra second or two to thank someone.

In addition to expressing gratitude outwardly, embrace the feeling inwardly. We are always looking for the next thing when I happy would be better served by being grateful for what we already have.

Remind yourself of something you did that you are proud of the day before. We do so many things each day without even thinking about them, it can be powerful to give yourself a little credit.

So, What makes you happy with life?

Know who you really are. You are the divine source that lives within you. You are pure love. You are already enough.

You determine your happiness, not the things and events around you. Learn to look inside, everything you need is there.

Be grateful for what you already have and express gratitude, with love to those around.

Everything you see, feel and experience on the outside comes from what you see, feel and experience on the inside.

Let your inner light shine and it will brighten everything around you.

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