Meditation – An Important Part of Knowing One’s Self

There are valuable assets on The Soul Fan site and links to other sites that will help you with developing a meditation practice that works for you. The important thing is to get started, even if you feel a little uncomfortable with the idea. I understand that depeneding on how you were raised meditation could almost seem as though you are going against what you believe in.

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Meditation is about looking inside, knowing yourself and slowing and/or quieting the the daily distraction we deal with all the time. It is important to take time to reflect, to gives thanks, to observe your thoughts without latching on to them and getting carried away with them.

I wrote a post early on in my blogging days here at The Soul Fan called Thoughts on Meditation which shares some of the struggles I dealt with back then.

I also have a post with several links to other Spiritual Guided Meditation resources on the web.

I was recently introduced to a gentleman from Australia who is producing some fantastic meditaion music that I have really enjoyed. Check out HerrinEmbrace the Moment!

I was referred to these products by a dear friend I am have been very grateful for the experiences with them >> Discover Your Inner Wisdom! Guided Meditations, Visualizations and Affirmations on CD & MP3.


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