Understanding How to Give Yourself a Break

give yourself a break

Transformation and transcendence are things I talk about often and think about more frequently. However, understanding how to give yourself a break is just as important now, as ever. No matter how much progress we make, we still come back to our surface selves, our personality self, and our ego. Having a good understanding of how … [Read more…]

Meditation is Practice and they don’t call it Practice for Nothing


Some time back I share my thoughts on meditation and my concerns that people trying to begin a practice might feel they are doing it wrong. Meditation is practice and like all practice, your proficiency improves over time. As mentioned then, I used to feel like I didn’t see what a particular guide was telling … [Read more…]

What are Common Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

In my last post, “What are Signs Your Third Eye is Opening” I attempted to relate my personal experiences. That is a concept I want to carry through this series of posts as I share what I know through experience. Spiritual Awakening symptoms can be similar from one person to another but also very unique. One … [Read more…]

Neville on Imagination – How do you see it?

Neville on Imagination

I hope this isn’t too deep for a hump day morning but yesterday I decided to induldge myself and read some of Neville Goddard’s work on Imagination. I find it inspiring and thought maybe some of you would, too. Neville on Imagination. Are you striving and striving and seemly not making progress? I am sure you … [Read more…]

5 Changes You Can Make to Keep Fit Over 55

Keep Fit Over 55

I just turned 55 years old and I am in the best shape I have been in in many years. I am not writing this post to brag on myself. Rather, to share some changes I made that have made it possible for me to keep fit over 55. I should tell you up front … [Read more…]

Can you Define Nonconformity? Better Yet Practice it – You Deserve a Break!


Define Nonconformity – in my own words, it’s not doing what you’ve always been taught, without questioning why. Rather late in life I began to understand that things are not necessarily the way I grew up thinking they are. As I began to explore this idea I came to understand the concept of wisdom, much … [Read more…]