give yourself a break

Understanding How to Give Yourself a Break

Transformation and transcendence are things I talk about often and think about more frequently. However, understanding how to give yourself a break is just as important now, as ever. No matter how much progress we make, we still come back to our surface selves, our personality self, and our ego. Having […]

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Soul Talking

Who is Hiding Inside You?

After listening to another interview online, one of my many ways to expand my awareness and understanding, I am inspired to pose the question, “Who is Hiding Inside you”? As children, we are very open to expressing who we really are. As we grow and interact in the world we […]

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There are so many things you know

What this Blog is Really About

I started this blog over a year ago and I did that because I had a passion inside to share my experiences. Now, some time later, I had to ask myself, “What this blog is really about”? The question comes up because I have gotten lost in the expertise of […]

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What are Common Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

In my last post, “What are Signs Your Third Eye is Opening” I attempted to relate my personal experiences. That is a concept I want to carry through this series of posts as I share what I know through experience. Spiritual Awakening symptoms can be similar from one person to another […]

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third eye/6th chakra

What are the Signs of Third Eye Opening

I have been researching the web for information on signs of third eye opening. To say I am a bit disappointed in what I found, is an understatement. Since I have been making progress with my own third eye opening I want to share some of my experiences. Why am I […]

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Neville on Imagination

Neville on Imagination – How do you see it?

I hope this isn’t too deep for a hump day morning but yesterday I decided to induldge myself and read some of Neville Goddard’s work on Imagination. I find it inspiring and thought maybe some of you would, too. Neville on Imagination. Are you striving and striving and seemly not making […]

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