6 Ways to Create a Saner Life!

Feeling overworked and overwhelmed? Here are 6 Ways to Create a Saner Life! Follow these tips for adding more balance and bliss to your daily life. Years ago, the secret to work/life balance was the number eight: eight hours for work, eight hours for sleep, and eight hours for you. That was good math until … [Read more…]

Get Puzzles of Happiness!

Get Puzzles of Happiness – Look in the mirror – What do you see? Stooped posture? Tired eyes? Sallow complexion? Stretched gym suite put on in the morning in a hurry? Forced smile? If you answered “YES” to at least one question, it’s time to change something! Relaxation and greater self-confidence… Only this will help … [Read more…]

Spiritual Guided Meditation

Spiritual Guided Meditation Spiritual Guided Meditation is what was the essential catalyst that brought about the amazing changes in my life. Meditation is a very powerful way to begin to shift your consciousness. Meditation practices have been arounds for thousands of years but depending on your particular upbringing your knowledge could be extermely limited. I … [Read more…]

Meet “The Purpose Fairy”

Meet “The Purpose Fairy” Today I would like to introduce you all to someone that has had an amazing and positive impact on my life. “The Purpose Fairy” – Just to be clear I do not believe there are purpose fairies, I believe there is only one Luminita and she is an amazing soul. I … [Read more…]

An Amazing Doctor, Author and Life Coach – Deepak Chopra

An Amazing Doctor, Author and Life Coach – Deepak Chopra Doctor Deepak Chopra is one of the authors and coaches who has really helped me to understand myself. This author and life coach has guided me through uncovering some things that were truly having a negative impact on my life. His explanations of what things … [Read more…]

Remember When?

Do You Remember When? I am beginning to remember when, much more often, lately. I have talked a few times already about looking within, listen to your soul, letting your soul lead. One of the most amazing things about my recent progress on my journey is that I am getting in touch with my creativity … [Read more…]

Mind and Body – Becoming Bulletproof

Mind and Body – Becoming Bulletproof I have to share with you some truly amazing things that are changing my life for the better. I want to share my story, first, about how I stumbled upon bulletproof foods and weight loss bulletproof coffee. As well as, the amazing bulletproof coffee butter recipes. It is a little … [Read more…]