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5 Focus Points to Help You Recognize Your Full Potential

The human potential is truly amazing, the limits of which we do not know. Recognizing your true potential can be a challenge while submerged in your day to day life. In this article, I will reveal what I believe to be very powerful focus points that can help you recognize your full potential.

One of the issues I see in the world, as a whole, is that we don’t educate children on their full potential from an early age. Our human consciousness contains so much more potential to ascend to higher levels than we ever teach children.

Most of the world’s greatest discoveries and advancements come as a result of someone venturing outside the norm. We should be teaching our children to question everything and not answering, “Because I said so” or “That’s just the way it is”.

Neville Goddard’s life work on “the power of imagination” is a clear indicator that we should encourage our children. After all, who embraces their imagination more than the children of the world?

5 Focus Points to Reaching Your Full Potential

Life Balance

In order to excel in one area, we often short cut our lives in other areas. It is critically important to have a good balance in your life to recognize your full potential. A man that is driven to succeed in his career will often neglect his home life. By the same token, young love can really distract you from doing a good job, at work.

Part of the problem is that we don’t usually recognize the imbalance in our lives. That is due to the fact that we grow up with a set of rules about how things are supposed to be. For the most part, we all do our best to follow those rules. Following the rules doesn’t mean the rules are the best thing for us. We are actually taught that a man is responsible to

We are taught that a man is responsible for providing for his family. As such, we are likely to accept the family being neglected for the career.

To assess where you may need some balance or need to question some limiting belief or rules, do this exercise.

Score yourself on these different areas of your life 1 to 5. With one being worst (really needs attention) and 5 being best (you couldn’t be more pleased).

Career – Intimate relationship – Financial – Family/Home life – Spiritual – Adventure/Travel – Health/Fitness – Intelectual – Community

Be honest with yourself and write down the first score that comes to mind. When you know where you score the lowest, ask yourself why. Dare to challenge the belief you grew up with, ask yourself lots of “what if” questions.

Once you have assessed Life Balance and taken action to achieve it.

Focus on the follow areas to recognize your full potential.

Know Yourself and Love Yourself – Begin a meditation practice and learn to listen to your soul. A sustained meditation practice will help you in many facets of life. You will be able to reduce stress and all its negative effects. As you progress you will connect to your true nature and be more accepting of new beliefs that challenge the what you have always thought.

Practice Gratitude on a daily basis – Much of the stress in life is due to the pressure to succeed, the desire to have more, the challenge to win. We sometimes get down on ourselves and the world for things not going our way or asking why me. You know the typical pity parties.

Expressing gratitude for what you do have will bring more happiness, allow you to relax a bit and always result in you having more of what you want.

Exercise Compassion – Rather than looking down on or criticizing others, reach out with love and compassion. Give back to your community. Do some volunteer work and learn to accept people for who they are without judgment.

Health and Well-Being – The recommendation to start with meditation and knowing yourself is for a reason. It will help you to understand that you are not the body you see in the mirror. You are the soul that is living this life on earth in that body. As you begin to accept that you will also begin to find it easier to do what is right for your vessel.

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