Raise Your Awareness and Stop the Binge Eating for Good

A diet or nutrition expert I am not, but I have lived 55 years and spent many of them being overweight. I can’t even tell you how many different diets I have been on. Or how many times I lost the same 20 to 30 pounds, over and over. I had to learn to stop the binge eating for good, I was killing myself.

Binge eating may be one extreme and if you are in that place it can be scary. Binge eating can leave you feeling like you have no control like you can’t stop. You know you should stop, you know you will feel uncomfortable, but you keep eating anyway.

In addition to the feeling of being out of control, after a binge episode, you will many times be consumed by feelings of guilt. You are ashamed of your binge eating and you probably don’t talk about it. You may experience depression, sadness, and feelings of being alone.

No, You are not alone.

In the US alone there are millions of people suffering from the disorders known as binge eating and emotional eating. Our culture of fad diets and “will power” diets that will have you deprive yourself of food are said to be a huge part of the problem.

Doctors and nutrition experts report that I high percentage of people struggling to stop binge eating for good have been on yo-yo diet cycles for years prior.

I no longer eat for pleasure or out of emotion.

Cooking and seeing other people enjoy the food a prepared is extremely gratifying for me. I learned much about how to cook from my father. That is something special he passed on to my siblings and I and when all think of it often. It’s how we stay connected to him.

I grew up in New Orleans and now reside a few hours away in Cajun Country. If you know anything about southern Louisiana you probably thought about food as soon as you read the words. We are known for our food.

The Soul Fan blog is about my personal transformation that all started with seeking happiness. As a result of that quest, I was able to begin to listen to my soul. That listening, in turn, leads to other changes that I didn’t have to fight for or struggle with.

I am 55 years old and healthier, more fit and smaller than I have been in 25 years.

There is a specific eating plan I follow but this is not about that. I got right on the outside by first getting right on the inside. The changes are evident in more than just my eating habits but if you struggle with binge eating or just being overweight, you can beat it for good.

It probably seems a little crazy that you are looking for answers to eating disorders and I am telling you to listen to your soul. My message is to turn inward because my experience is that it will help you. There is a place inside you that remembers who you really are.

There is power inside you that you can tap into and change your life in more ways than you can imagine. Each of us carries in us a piece of the divine source. As you begin to get in touch with that, things around you begin to change.

My quest began with a simple internet search.

If you are here reading the words that flow through me it is likely yours did too. The challenge many times is letting go of the limiting beliefs you have now. If we start talking about things like meditation, higher consciousness or mantras, it will most likely challenge what you feel you know.

As conditioned beings, we often hold ourselves back from a better life as a result of what we have been taught or told all our lives. An author and friend, Vishen Lakhiani, has coined the term “Brules” which he uses in his book, The Code of an Extraordinary Mind.

Brule = Bullshit rule

When you begin to challenge the brules you make room for growth beyond what you can imagine. I encourage you to be open to new ideas, to things you may never have thought you would consider. My life is forever changed because a dared to challenge my own belief systems and models of reality.

Bringing it back to binge eating and how to stop for good.

At the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, we teach that our out-of-control behavior is the body’s way of sending up a flare – it wants to be noticed. The symptoms that we experience in our body – from a simple ache to binge eating – are all ways that our body is speaking to us.  When the symptoms are loud, like pain or “I can’t stop eating,” our body is doing more than speaking – it’s yelling. Our body is screaming – “red alert, red alert, notice me now.” We believe there are important lessons to be learned here.

Most of us are trained to ignore our body’s needs, and tune-out its messages. But when we want to find a way that really works to stop the binge eating for good, it’s imperative that we learn to listen to our body, and the binge. Listening to the body is an art that all of us can learn. It’s a process of slowing down, breathing, and getting curious about what our internal world has to say to us. Quite remarkably, the simple process of listening to the body – slowing down, breathing and bringing awareness to the body – can actually help stop a binge.

This message is a far more “expert” source on eating disorders and the psychology behind it all. I do not disagree with the suggestion to listen to your body. However, I do suggest that it is more than that. You need to listen to your soul and your soul will help you take care of your body.

Take care of YOU on the inside.

Meditation has been scientifically proven to help with the management of pain, the reduction of stress and manycomes from within others of life’s challenges. From my own experience, I know it to help with eating habits and overall health and well-being.

Be encourage to deconstruct the brules that are limiting your reality. Teach yourself to look inside and tap that place in you that is your true self. Spend time getting to know that you are more than you know. God lives in you, as in each of us, and thus you are omnipotent.

Don’t let it be about the diet or the binge eating, take care of you on the inside. The you that is inside longing for attention will then take care of you on the outside.

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