Take Small Steps to Positive Change

Take Small Steps to Positive Change

It can be a real challenge to create lasting positive change in your life. No matter how much we want it, it always seems easier to go back to what we know. There are plenty of examples of this in my life, up and down weight and health comes to mind. In my opinion, the key is to take small steps to positive change.

How many times have you lost weight only to gain it all back? Have you ever joined a gym and been super excited to work out, only to find yourself paying for a membership you do not use? Ok, maybe you are as bad off as I was, but you probably know someone like me.

Attitude is Everything

Learning to take small steps to positive change was a real challenge for me. Part of the change I needed to make was to not take everything so seriously and not always put so much pressure on myself. It is easy to see that I person who holds themselves to unrealistic standards might not be a “Small Step” kind of guy, right?

When you decide to make positive changes, your attitude is everything. We can easily talk ourselves out of anything, especially when we are less than excited about getting started. It is human nature to resist change, so don’t get down on yourself.

  • Assess your own attitude and accept it for what it is.
  • Do not try to force¬†yourself to always be UP.
  • Recognize what things help and what things hurt your attitude.
  • Treat your attitude toward the change as the first small step.

Identify the Small Steps

Trying to create a lasting change can seem almost impossible, particularly after a failed attempt. Don’t over analyze the situation or try to develop and elaborate plan. Putting too much pressure on yourself will more often result in giving up than creating change.

Find the smallest possible change and put all of yourself into it, persist in the change until it feels more natural than the old way. It may take a couple days, it may take a couple months, remind yourself that you are on your way and enjoy it.

When you take small steps to positive change and they become the “new normal” it’s time for the next step. Continue the process without adding stress to speed up are rush the results.

Over the past two years, I have lost way and improved my health. I have more energy and much higher productivity, as a result. My first small step was a simple change. I started using coconut oil in place of vegetable oils.

Surround yourself with the right people

As with any undertaking, it is helpful to have the support and encouragement of those around you. It is also very beneficial to steer clear of negative influences and nay-sayers. Consider which of the people in your life are going to make it harder for you to make a change.

If you are trying to quit smoking you can’t hang out with other smokers blowing smoke in your direction and create lasting change.

By the same token, you need people around you that support your efforts to take small steps to positive change. You may even need their help to hold you accountable. If you miss a day on your small steps don’t beat yourself up, but if you miss a few days, get yourself around a friend that will help get you back on track.

Whatever the change you are trying to make, don’t go to the friend you know is going to tell you it is OK to give up. We all have those friends and family members we know will help us be alright with not doing what we should. Choose wisely.

Let me say in closing, that I would be happy to offer support in any way I can. If you have a question or comment please use the comment sections below. If you want to discuss something in a more private setting use the contact link to the right.

The reason I created this blog is to try and help others by sharing my experiences. If this has helped you in some small way please share it with friends.