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Hi there! I’m a loving husband and father on a journey to be the best possible version of myself. I am very excited about life changes I am making and want to share them with as many people as possible. The Soul Fan site is one of the ways I am doing that. You can find The Soul Fan on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube, as well.

I will share from personal experience as well as from training courses and books that have helped me along the way. This site offers directions and guidance for souls that are search or just a little curious. We do post occassional product reviews and offers suggestions or where to find resources for meditation, changing your conditioning or limiting beliefs and for get in touch with your authentic self.

I want to help other souls in any way possible, to that end there are links for direct email and there are comment boxes at the end of each article listed on the right sidebar. I would love to get to know and you can easily keep up with what’s happening here by entering your email and first name. I will not sell or share you information and Opt In emails will recieve a confirmation email.


I have been told I don’t smile enough in my pictures by more than one person over the past few years.

Although I am very passionate about sharing the message of The Soul Fan, I certainly don’t want to seem intimidating or standoffish.

I decided to get rid of the facial hair, grab my favorite “almost 4 year old” I try to loosen up a bit. Here I am trying to be less than “so serious”!







I am learning to look inside and learning to lead with my soul. I would love to inspire other souls. I would love for you to learn to, “Lead with your soul”.

One of the most profound things I have discovered is that we already have all the answers, all we have to do is listen. One of the changes has been learning that I am the only one who can determine if I am happy or unhappy.

I am also learning to express my creativity again, which I have ignored for a long time due to being trapped in the “rat race”.

I have always been a creative soul but have largely ignored that for the better part of my adult life. We get so conditioned as we grow up we begin to set aside things that truly make us happy. I am drawing and painting again and it has truly energized me. What are the things you loved as a child that got brushed aside?


I decided it was time to put it all out there so I made this video and embedded here. I also shared it everywhere I could think to and it is available for public veiwing on YouTube. The idea was to share from the heart, what it is that inspires me to write and share the things I do here on “The Soul Fan”. I hope you enjoy it! I love you!

The Soul Fan


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I’m Stephen and this is “The Soul Fan Credo”

I’m not who I always thought I was…

I, like almost everyone else, got my start in this world with well meaning parents watching my every move, telling me what to think, to do and to say.

Think about it… if you happened to be more comfortable using your left hand to write there is a good chance some, well meaning, person tried to force you to use your right hand. Heck, you may really be left handed and somebody trained it out of you so much so that you don’t even remember.

That example is a simple one but the thruth of the matter is we are all conditioned by parents, teachers, society and culture. We are exposed to dogma and creeds of sorts that someone, somewhere decided were right.soul fan credo

We live in a fast paced world of fit in, keep up and do the right thing. We spend our lives in the pursuit of “Things” and status.

Our young women are making themselves sick to look they way society says “pretty” looks. Our young man are taking their own lives because they don’t fit in.

Do you have any idea how many pharmaceutical tablets or pills are perscribed annually?

Let me ask you another question…

To those of you that are 25 years old and up. How many of you are today what you dreamed of being as a child?

We get so far down the wrong path we struggle to find our way back to who we really are. We live behind the masks of limiting beliefs and busied by the tasks of the daily grind, the rat race.

I am an artist, I have been since as early as I can remember but I also remember being asked questions like, “What are you going to do with your life?” and hearing statements like, “It’s hard to make a living as an artist!”

I encourage you to think of something you love that got put on the back burner, so to speak. If you feel more comfortable with it there for now, fine. Just turn up the heat a bit and let it simmer.

I am not who I thought I was for many years and I would tell you that you aren’t either. We are souls, spending time as humans not humans spending time with a soul. This sounds kind of funny but I have heard people refer to our human bodies as, “My Meat Body” and we have all heard the term, bag of bones.

I am currently living a transformation in my life, I am back on the path that was intended. My creativity is on fire, my entrepreneurial spirit is ignited and my happiness meter is red lining.

I was at a very rough spot in my life and got to a place where I had to do something, so I did what we do in this time, I Googled it! No really, I went to Google and began to research happiness. I had so much stress and was so angry about it things were beginning to unravel.

One day my wife told me my children were affraid of me and it broke my heart…

I exposed myself to lessons on meditation practice through the research I was doing and I felt connected to a few specific individuals even though it was all online. I had dabbled in meditation years earlier and basically stopped for worry of what not who i thought i waspeople would think.

What I have discovered is my authentic self or my higher self. I have tapped into and now lead with my SOUL. I know that the guy I have been, the one that scare his children, the one that was a hard ass at work, the one that hurt others for the fear of being hurt himself, is not and never was who I am.

I have learned to look inside and I have found that everything I ever needed was there all along and I know that it is the same for you.

What I would like you to do…

For now just commit to yourself to make some “you time”. Find a quiet spot to sit, relax and just be, that is the only goal, just be.

Try to dedicate a few minutes in the morning and few minutes in the evening, undisturbed. If sitting doesn’t work for you lie quietly.

Yes… that is it…

After a few days come back and we can talk about what is next.

The Soul Fan



4 thoughts on “The Soul Fan”

  1. You have inspired my soul! I particularly love what you said about we are the only ones who can determine if we are happy or unhappy.

    I was also thinking about how we get so conditioned as we grow up we begin to set aside things that truly make us happy, and that is sort of scary and sad. Thank you for sharing I am looking forward of reading more from you!

    1. Juan,

      Thanks so much for taking the time visit I am truly grateful. A return visit would be awesome, that’s what is all about. The reason I am sharing my personal joining is in the hope that it may inspire other souls so the fact that you said it inspired yours validates my decision to put it all out there.

      Thanks Agian and hope to see you back soon.


  2. Hello Stephen, thanks for sharing your history with us all.
    Your comments about not smiling enough made me remember a Real Estate seminar I attended where the presenter said “and most important, remember to smile”.
    I too have been finding new sources of creativity in painting and sculpture. I never knew I was any good at them but am having a blast. You mentioned Ram Das and I remembered a book from a long time ago called “Be Here Now” that I think was written by the same guy. Thanks also for the list of names to explore for more information. Good luck with your site.

    1. Susan,

      Thanks so much for stopping by and for reading the page. I know it is rather long :)!

      I really liked some of the stuff I listened to from Ram Dass, he is quite an amazing soul, as are so many of the names I listed.

      I really hope you come back form time to time, it would be great to start some discussions about all this stuff. I am glad you are expressing you creativity more. I have always know my gift was there just failed to express it for a long time.

      The smiling thing is knid of funny, because even when i think I have a good smile people don’t see it. I have always been put off by faked or forced smiles, so maybe that’s part of it. I actually just finished producing a video for another blog site and was super focused on sounding excited. Now that it’s up on YouTube I am seeing that I didn’t smile enough.

      I am a work in progress, but everything is already inside… just need to connect with it.

      Grateful you were here!


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